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Some of Ken's programming books, FEB. 2002

How many people can master most of these? Tutorials and Definitions:

- ISO 9000 Management - principles for quality
0. C# (C sharp) - the object-oriented language for 2002++ (likely to replace Java programming by end of 2003? By Oct. 2004 C# and Java are neck and neck. -Ken)
- Microsoft ASP.NET - part of the Microsoft .NET platform.
- the Windows .NET server - built on the Windows 2000 Server family
1. Java - an object-oriented language hit it big in 2001. Will C# dominate Java programming in 2005?
2. Javascript - a main programming language of the Web. JSP/Servlets (JavaServer Pages) explained from Java Skyline
3. DHTML - Dynamic Html (combines 3 technologies)
4. XML - requires a DTD to be well-formed.
4a. SOAP v. 1.2 - Simplified Object Access Protocol
5. EJB and Java Servlets
6. HTML 4.0 - introduces Styles to Html (this webpage uses a simple CSS)
7. CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
8. DOM - Document Object Model (XML DOM)
9. J2EE - Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition
10. Also, cgi-bin in Unix, ASP stuff, SGML, RMI (Java's Remote Method Invocation protocol), Perl scripting, Apache log files, ...
11. Do we need COM and MFC here too?
11.5. Oracle DBA certification notes and hints for Oracle8i and 9i
12. Microsoft Access learn.
12a. Microsoft.NET (dotnet) .NET is Microsoft's new Internet and Web strategy (June, 2000)
13. HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol - how does http work? Another http reference - "HTTP for HTML Authors"
14. XHTML - the new standard for Markup. Version 1.1 is now out. This replaces HTML 4.0 (and takes you closer to XML) as the official markup language. XHTML is "HTML defined as an XML application." Valid XHTML 1.0!
15. JPEG algorithm explained.

Notes: HTML 4.0 has several deprecated features, including FONT, CENTER, Img Align, Img Border, and APPLET.

The History of the Web - from the 1970s to the 2000's.

The best Web search engine: Google (the best at least since Sept. 2000 to present, August 2002)

vi Unix editor

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