New Zealand

Mt. Taranaki (Mt. Egmont) is one of the highest (and most perfectly formed) volcanoes (2518m) on the North Island. It has a beautiful distinctive cone which can be seen above the relatively flat surrounding peninsula from 100 miles away. I stayed in a motel nearby in New Plymouth for two nights as one day I hiked solo to the top of this beast. -Ken
Photo dates: Jan. 1994

Volcano and the North Island
Mt Egmont - Mt. Taranaki, North Island, New Zealand, Ken Papai photo from January 1994

Mt Egmont - Mt. Taranaki, North Island, Self portrait - Ken Papai photo from January 1994
More images:
Native plants on the way up: flora 1 and flora 2.
Mt. Egmont/Taranaki trail sign
Mt. Egmont path and vista
Mt. Egmont volcanic cliff edge
Look up to the pristine peak
Hard to believe I made it all the way to the top by myself:
Trying to get comfortable at the edge
Tripod on the edge
Panoramic stitch from the top
Part of the volcanic rim jutting thru the snow field
Looking beyond the edge
Looking far down: View 1 and View 2.

When will Egmont Volcano erupt again?

South Island
Franz Josef Glacier
The Rain Forest, Jan. 20, 1994 (middle of summer)
South Island glacier, Self portrait - Ken Papai photo from January 1994

Falls near the glacier, South Island, Ken Papai photo from January 1994

Goat and Barn, South Island near Christ Church New Zealand, Ken Papai photo from January 1994

Trip Itinerary
Arrived in Auckland (via L.A. and Honolulu).
Visited far northern, balmy tip of the N. Island and their giant trees.
Drove down to New Plymouth and explore the volcano and lighthouse.
Then drove down to Wellington to explore the city.
Took the large Picton Ferry (and Guinness on board) from Wellington to Picton, on the South Island and hired a car there.
Drove down to the SW coast of the S. Island to Franz Josef Glacier and the mountains and rain forest.
Eventually crossed over to the east coast and enjoyed the scene in Christchurch: the Avon River and park, the botanical gardens, the ocean at Lyttelton Harbor, pubs, and the zoo (Orana Wildlife Park).
Flew back to L.A. and S.F.
Maps: North Island detail. And South Island map.

Updated 12/21/2005

All photos (c) Copyright 1994-2005 by Ken Papai
Equipment: Canon EOS 10S body and fairly inexpensive lenses.