Boston, Sept. 2004 Photos

Boarding/Viewing for Martha's Vineyard Ferry - photo by Ken Papai, 9/13/2004 The Breakers - a Vanderbilt Newport, Rhode Island mansion, photo by Ken Papai, 9/15/2004 First Cousins - at Adam & Danielle's wedding in Foxboro, Mass. - photo taken by Papai, 9/11/2004

I took over 440 photos on this week-long trip with my Canon EOS 10D (6MP digital). I am permanently posting here fun photos from Braintree, Adam's wedding, Quincy, Gary's party, Martha's Vineyard, Cranston, RI houses of Mark & Lisa's, the Newport Mansions, Darrow kids, Ellen's birthday and other various. We had fun and appreciate the welcome and hospitality we received from everyone! -Ken

1. Traveling from OAK to BOS on 9/10/04.
2. Adam and Danielle's wedding in Foxboro on 9/11/04. Lisa and David's house, Sept. 2004
3. Robin & Gary's party in Walpole
4. Martha's Vineyard visited on Monday, mostly complete, as of 10/07/04 I need to add 10 more photos.
5. Mark's house in Cranston, RI
6. Lisa & David's house
7. Newport Mansions (wow!)
8. Ellen's Birthday and Canton stuff
9. Boston Back Bay
10. Applied Plastics in Norwood.

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