Thanksgiving 2001 - Los Angeles
Roast beef and Turkey table, 11/22/01, kpapai photo


The twins Taylor & Ryan, 11/21/01 kpapai photo Twins Taylor & Ryan

Bunny & Lil and Cindy, 11/21/01 kpapai photo Bunny, Lil, & Cindy at the Cheesecake Factory in Sherman Oaks.

Lew's birthday cheesecake, 11/21/01 kpapai photo Lew's birthday cheesecake...

13 family members, 11/21/01 kpapai photo 13 family members, at the Cheesecake Factory gathered for a quick group photo (courtesy of our waitress).


Evelyn & Cindy, morning of 11/22/01 kpapai photo Evelyn & Cindy, at the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn, N. Hollywood, ready for a pre-feast walk.

Starbucks coffee, morning of 11/22/01 kpapai photo Starbuck's pose, Bill & Bunny, Cindy, Ev, and Lil. (two L.A. cops behind them)

Ev, Taylor and Bill, 11/22/01 kpapai photo Ev & Taylor and Uncle Bill, 4th floor room 418, Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn.

Universal City Hilton, 11/23/01 kpapai photo Universal City Hilton - the site of the excellent Thanksgiving feast.

Bill, Bunny, Ev & Cindy, 11/23/01 kpapai photo Bill, Bunny, Ev & Cindy - deciding what to choose from, from the many buffet tables in the Hilton. This food critic rates everything as wonderful!

Ellen & Taylor, 11/23/01 kpapai photo Ellen & Taylor at the Thanksgiving dinner table at the Universal Hilton.

Jeff & Kyle, 11/23/01 kpapai photo Jeff and Kyle taking a brief eating break.




Ryan, morning of 11/23/01 kpapai photo Ryan and his toy...

Universal Studio, morning of 11/23/01 kpapai photo Universal Studio from the Hilton's 21st floor.

Santa Barbara, 11/23/01 kpapai photo Santa Barbara...

Wine Country off of hwy 101, 11/23/01 kpapai photo Wine Country near Paso Robles/Santa Maria, off of Hwy 101.
It is a 460 mile drive up Hwy 101 from Universal City to San Rafael. Going down it was only 395 miles on Interstate 5.

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