Condo Remodel
** Before and After pictures **

Oct. 30, 2001 photo of new wood floor, kpapai.

Kitchen design help: Marina V. Phillips.

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Half-bath Before:
Old half-bath, 8/05/01 photo
and After:
new half-bath coming together, kpapai 8/13/01 new half-bath, kpapai 11/02/01 new half-bath finished!, kpapai 10/29/2001 new half-bath, kpapai 11/02/01
[Door 5194 - done]

View from above New Door, kpapai 8/27/01 18:35 PM PDTDoor - view from above Dining room table cleaned off, kpapai 8/29/01Table - PC moved

New cabinets and kitchen sink
Before: (July - Sept. 16)
the OLD kitchen, 7/31/01 the OLD kitchen, 7/31/01 the OLD kitchen, 7/31/01
After: (Oct. 21)
Oct. 30, 2001 photo of new kitchen kpapai 10/30/01 photo new sink/pantry-side kitchen cabinets and stuff kpapai 10/30/01 photo new stove-side kitchen cabinets and stuff

Step 13 - Fireplace - remove frame and retile
Oct. 23 - Nov. 5, 2001
Before and After:
Old fireplace, new floors going in, 9/21/01 fireplace hearth re-do, kpapai 10/31/01 NEW fireplace, 3/04/02 photo
Living room, kpapai Mar. 8, 2002 Click for larger image
Sliders & Window, Before and After: Mar. 1, 2002
(still finishing trim work)
Sliders: before; old aluminum frame, single pane crappy glass Sliders: after; double pane glass. kpapai photo 3/04/2002

Vinoteque unit in kitchen, loaded, kpapai 11/17/01

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