Eos sign, San Francisco, kpapai Feb. 14, 2001 photo Slanted Door front window, San Francisco, kpapai 8/15/01 photo XHTML Webpage by Ken Papai, Sep. 25, 2002 - Oct. 31, 2004.

Papai Dining Out webpages:
- Slanted Door, San Francisco
- Le Colonial, San Francisco (official)
- Boulevard, San Francisco
- Eos, San Francisco
- Tra Vigne, St. Helena
- Bix, San Francisco reservations
- Harris, San Francisco
- Mountain Home Inn, Mt. Tam
- Buckeye Roadhouse, Mill Valley
- Guaymas, Tiburon
- Royal Thai, San Rafael
Ken Papai photo of Town Hall restaurant building, May 8, 2004, San Francisco - Thep Phenom Thai, San Francisco
- Town Hall, San Francisco (6/08/04 review) (sfgate.com Michael Bauer review)
(Town Hall Ahi appetizer photo, Town Hall Salmon dinner photos from 5/08/04)
- Zachary's Pizza, Oakland
- SF Ferry Building - marketplace and restaurants in San Francisco
- French Laundry, Yountville (Thomas Keller photo from Oct. 21, 2002 at Marin JCC
- The B Spot, S.F.
- Faultline Brewing, S.F.

Other fun, cool, atmospheric places we love:
- Rick's Wine Cellar, Corte Madera (new: SEPT.2004)
- City Tavern, San Francisco
- Left at Albuquerque, San Francisco and Santa Barbara
- Cafe' Marimba, San Francisco (San Rafael closed NOV.2003)
- Seafood Peddler, San Rafael
- (Michael's Wine Cellar, closed MAR.2004 to become Rick's), Corte Madera
- Zachary's Chicago Pizza, Oakland
- Dario's Pizza, (San Rafael closed JAN.2004) Sausalito
- Krung Thai, San Jose

Harris' restaurant interior, Aug. 15, 2004, kpapai photo For Marin Brewing and Moylan's (brewpubs in Marin County), please see my special and infamous brewpubs page.
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