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Bike Racing photo: Ken Papai, March 1999 Bike Racing photo: Ken Papai, April 2000 in Livermore Papai racing, June 24, 2001 Papai racing, Sept., 2002 Papai racing, Sept., 2004

Left to right: Ken Papai West Coast 1999 and West Coast 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2004.

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A.A. - Assball Prez Rob, Bill, Albright 1999 East Coast racers:
Rob 'ronde' Palachick, Bill Laudien and Andrew Albright - 1999 Cross season.
List of faces here - 188 names are in:
Aarron Canino, Adam Myerson, Alan Bishop, Alex Hornkohl, Alex Rodriguez, Amit Ghosh, Andre Charlebois, Andrew Albright, Andrew Karre, Andy Coggan, Al Williams, Arno Granados, Bart Van Hoorebeeck, Benjo Maso, Bill Laudien, Bob C. "Comutrbob", Bill Lloyd, Bob Schwartz, Bonnie Rider-Martin, Boyd Speerschneider, Brad Anders, Brendan Quirk, Brent Soderberg, Bret Wade, Brian Lafferty, Brian Plouffe, Brian Roth, Bruce Frech, Bruce 'sierraman' Johnston, Carl Sundquist, Casey Kerrigan, Cathy Boland, Chria Hazlitt, Chris Mayhew, Chris Fabri, Colin Allen, Corey Hilliard, Craig Lipka, Curtis Russell, Dan Connelly, Dan Schmatz, Danny Callen, Darryl Mataya, Dave Bailey, Dave Carr, Dave Hansen, Dave Holliday, David Laporte, David Sommerville, Dave Lettieri, David "packman" Ryan, David R. Wagner, David Welton, Dennis McGovern, Derek Bouchard-Hall, Dominic Richens, Doug Taylor, E.J. Wagner, Eric Harvey, Erik Mills, Eric Ragot, Erik Saunders, Ewoud Dronkert, Frank Day, Frank Gonzalez, Fred Baldassare (race170), Garry Allen, Shaun Wallace, Gerard Lanois, Graham Fisk, Greg Miller, Greg Hall (VC Slim), Greg Stenger, Gym Gravity (Dan Tamasauskas), Hajaj, Hamish Ferguson, Harley Sheffield, Harry Wolfson, Heather Halvorson, Henry Chang, Ilan Vardi, Jaime 'J-Me' Carney, Jason Waddell, Jay Wenner, Jeff Jones (www.cyclingnews.com), Jeff Nelson, Jeff Potter, Jeff LeBauve, Jeffrey "Sonarrat", Jeremy Mudd, Jerry Chabot, Jessica Mosher, Jim Flom, Jim Quinn, Jiyang Chen, Jobst Brandt, Joe Cipale, John Bickmore (xzzy), John Everett, John Foster, John Grenier, John Hunt, John Lee, John Lieswyn, John Rowen, John Tomlinson, John Verheul, John Walrod, Jon Isaacs, Jon Proulx, Jon Wilton, Jonas Carney, Keith Alexander, Lunar Eclipse photo, Ken Papai image, Oct. 27, 2004 Jonas Landoy, Kelly Beard, Ken Hart, Ken Papai, Ken Russell, Kendra Wenzel, Kevin Knorpp, Kevin Metcalfe, Kevin Munday, Kirk Albers, Kris Tilford, Kwan Low, Les Earnest, Lester Lindell, Lisa Hunt, Luigi Bruno, Marc Belanger, Mark Chandler, Mark Hickey, Mark Holland, Mark Linenberg, Mark McMaster, Mark VandenBerghe, Mark Weaver, Marty Lane, Marty Pietruszka, Mike Creed, Mike Curcio (round champ), Mike Gladu, Mike Jacoubowsky, Mike Owens, Old Man Creed (OMC), N. Peter Armitage, Pat Bentson, Pat Hardewig, Patrick O'Grady, Paul Alman, Paul Stratford, Paul Sumner, Pete Fagerlin, Peter 'qui campagnolo Vecchios' Chisholm, Phil Holman, Rick Paulos, Rob Campbell, Rob Gray, Rob Palachick, Robert Chung, Roger Marquis, Roger Merrill, Russ Baxter, Ryan Crissey, Phil Marques, Sabine Dukes, Scott Patton, Scott Venn, Seamus Shortall (RapidResults), Sean Bragstad, Sheldon Brown, Stella Hackell, Steve Bornfeld DDS, Steve Johnson, Steven Sheffield, Stuart Stebbings, Ted Heise, Terry McGinnes, Tim McNamara, Tim Roach, Tom Armstrong, Tom Biery, Tom Kretchmar, Tom Kunich, Tony Szurly, Vern Faulkner, Walter Manning, and Warren Geissert.

Still missing from here are:
Stewart Fleming from NZ, Richard Adams the "cat",
Bill Crowther (TritonRider), Clovis Lark, Davide Tosi, Erik van Leeuwen "evl@bart.nl", Bruce Hildenbrand, Scott Hendricks (the invisible man), JMS (jchaika), HB (Henrik Bruun) Jim Burlant, Kevin T. LaCour, Kit Redwine, Kyle 'Void' Legate (also an invisible man), Lucy Foxworth M.D., Richard Rosenthal (controversial AdMan), Roger Thomas, Steve Perryman, Wade Summers, and Per/Roy Ellefsen.

(Il Cattivo Brutto) The Banned list : None (at least so for Jan. 2001).

Greg "VC Slim" Hall writes: (11/14/00)
"Our club held a winter time trial series titled by the same name. Course was suppose to be repeated 3 times so everyone got a personal best, worse and something in between. Come the second week though, rain washed out a section of the road so had to reroute (cattivo). The 3rd week had a cold front blowing through with 30+mph winds (brutto). The "good" buono was getting new racers into the sport with such a low key event."

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