Ken Papai's Northern California Brewpub rankings

Ken, January, 2004

Ken Papai's Northern California Brewpub rankings
Edition #10, Updated: Oct. 23, 1996 to Oct. 12, 2002. (minor edits in 2004 and 2005)

Anchor Brewing taproom, brewpub photo62KB Image of Anchor Brewing Taproom

1. *S.N. Celebration Ale 2002* is here! (Oct. 24, 2002). 2. 3. 4.

89 pts. - Ross Valley Brewing Co. in Fairfax, June 1999. I've been there several times, last on 2/18/01. Fantastic!

I still need to review several brewpubs:

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Top 40 Brewpubs Updated Jan. 3, 1999

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Included is my ranking of 46 Northern California (NoCal) brewpubs I have visited, where I personally drank the beer, and ate the food. Northern California is defined by me as the upper half of the state which is north of San Luis Obispo all the way to the Oregon border.

Newest reviews:

The Brewpub list -- a list of places that make & serve their own beer. The Ranking is from #1 (best) on down with my purely subjective points scale (100 is a perfect score, anything less than 70 means something is seriously wrong from my point of view). I do not rank microbreweries, which I define as places that do not operate a cash bar serving their own house-brewed beer. Thus, Anchor Brewing in not ranked and Sierra Nevada is.

To score less than 30 points a brewpub would have to qualify thusly: brew beer with adjuncts on the style of Bud, Rolling Rock or Olympia; constantly serve infected or totally undrinkable dishwater posing as beer (which Bison has at times in the past). So far I have not been to a brewpub that would score so low, thankfully the one that might have qualified, Monterey, closed before I visited.

Scoring 30 - 59 points is still a huge failure in my eyes. Not just because the beer they make doesn't fit my style but rather the beer is flawed or super-boring; the brewpub has a very limited selection (at most 3 to choose from); or it's a place not too exciting to visit because the atmosphere is dreadful.

A score of 60 - 69 means you can maybe find just one good beer here.

A score of 70 - 79 means you can definitely find good beer here.

A score of 80 - 89 means at least one beer is superb (4 star rating).

A score of 90 - 99 means three beers or more there are superb.

A score of 100 means utter perfection.

The top five brewpubs:

Rank Name City Score ---- -------------------------- ------- ----- 1. Anderson Valley Brewing Co. Boonville 100 2. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Chico 99 3. Bear Republic Brewing Co. Healdsburg 95 4. North Coast Brewing Fort Bragg 91 5. Twenty Tank Brewing Co. San Francisco 90 (closed JUNE-2000)
The worst: Bison, Hogshead, & Los Gatos. Since I like the fullest-bodied ales the best, such as big stouts, full-bodied porters, huge ESBs, and barleywines then those sort of brewpubs will score higher on my scale. I live in Marin County so it's real nice being in the middle of dozens of great brewpubs!

There's several brewpubs in northern California I haven't been to yet: Hollister: San Andreas Modesto: St. Stan's (9/96 new homepage) Stockton: Valley Brewing Co. (new 1/95, renamed from El Dorado), Indian Brewing Co.

Further on down this document I have a few brief comments on Portland Oregon brewpubs. (and a link to some expert commentary)
Email me at: for your comments, praise, or flames. I promise to write back to all.
1. Buckhorn Saloon, most beers from the Anderson Valley Brewing Co. (AVBC) Hwy 128, Boonville, Calif. (center of Mendocino County) 99 points The Buckhorn is now owned and operated by proprieters not associated with AVBC. AVBC opened a microbrewery at the intersection of highways 253 and 128 around 1997; they have a tasting room there but no restaurant. The Buckhorn is a pub/restaurant serving in the highest quality microbrews. To read about AVBC microbrewery go here: ** The Zen Center of Beer is found a the Buckhorn when owned/operated by AVBC, 1991-1999 ** Best beer: IPA, Scotch Ale, Belgian, oatmeal stout, porter, and ESB. Boonville also is in the middle of the wine country of the Anderson Valley, as well as close to the magnificent coastal Redwoods. The IPA is 100% Columbus Hops! This place is heaven. Boonville is about 2 hours north of San Francisco. If you like hummingbirds they have a feeder in the back. Currently Anderson Valley is expanding their brewing operations, maybe they will then go to 12 oz. size bottles? I hope so. Closed Tuesdays & Wed. in winter. Hours: pub closes at 9pm. (8/18 update) First opened for business 1986, A.V. is one of the USA's best breweries. The Toronado in S.F. has 5-6 A.V. beers on tap. I've visited this brewpub 15 times so far. They never disappoint. AVBC won GOLD at GABF 1998 for their Boont Amber. 2. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 1075 E. 20th, Chico, CA 99 points Best beer: stout, porter, pale ale, Celebration Ale, Bigfoot barleywine. SN is the Cascade & Centennial hoppiest brewery in the world. Beautiful, modern place to visit, eat, and enjoy their awesome beer. Chico is about 150 miles northeast of SF and is a college town. The pub usually has a beer or two not offered in bottles. I've visited this brewpub 4 times. Head brewer is Steve Dressler. Brewing since 1981. My Photo Shrine to Sierra Nevada BONUS: Trip Report to Sierra Nevada Brewing (By god Dan Brown) 3. Bear Republic Brewing Company Healdsburg, Calif. 95 points Headbrewer is Richard Norgrove. Brewpub opened FEB 1996. Pub grub type food. Two different IPAs. I've visited here 15 times now, it's always been *Excellent*. 4. North Coast Brewing brewpub Fort Bragg, CA (Mendocino County) 444 N. Main St. 707-964-2739 91 points Best beer: irish style stout (Old #38) and other ales. Great food too. Also has the Scrimshaw Pilsner, the best pilsner I've ever had (spicy). Right on the rugged Pacific coast. The brewpub reminds me of the bar in Twin Peaks, its atmosphere is sort of like that. This brewery also does well at GABF year after year. A *great* place to spend a weekend pondering the surf & fog. Voted the best restaurant in Mendocino County 1993. 190 miles north of SF on the rugged Pacific Coast Hwy. Their new microbrewery opened across the street so now they offer their beer in 12 oz. bottles instead of just the 22 oz. size. North Coast Old Rasputin Imperial Stout review. I've visited this brewpub 4 times. Pub is closed on Mondays. First opened for business 1990. 5. Twenty Tank (20 Tank) Brewery 316 11th St., San Francisco (20 Tank has a new website, 10/98) 90 points (closed JUNE-2000) Best beer: Porter, ESB, oatmeal stout, red ale, XXXmas Ale. Totally laid back atmosphere near many SF alternative night clubs such as Slim's. Head Brewer: Scott James (head brewer was Chris Sheehan) Asst brewer: James Costa (formerly of Bear Rep.). This place is an excellent San Francisco brewpub, sort of a dive type atmosphere. Good hard rock jukebox. Their sibling brewpubs are Triple Rock and Jupiter in Berkeley and Seattle's Big Time. Lately 20 Tank seems to have slipped a bit over its stellar years '92 - '94, however 20 Tank has resurged the latter part 1995 to better beer. One of my favorites was a cask porter, truly superb. I've visited this brewpub aproximately 30+ times. 20 Tank wins 1998 GABF Bronze for their Schwartzbier. Opened for business 1990 6. Moylan's Brewery & Restaurant Rowland Blvd, Novato, 415-898-4677 90 points Headbrewer Paddy Giffen, opened 8/24/95. Nitrogen pushed, dry & roasty & creamy irish stout. IPA, filtered & unfiltered wheat ales. May 16, 1996 The Barleywine, at 10.1% is now available. Screamin'! Two dart boards, outdoor picnic tables, wood-fired stove pizza. I've visited this brewpub more than 20 times. Moylan's won a 1998 GABF Bronze for their Imperial Stout. 7. Marin Brewing Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Larkspur, CA 88 points (at shopping center next to Larkspur Ferry Landing, Marin County) Best beer: stout, porter, barley wine, fruit wheats Just 10 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge on the San Pablo Bay (good view of San Quentin Prison too!). Good food (pizza), laid back atmosphere, "typical" Calif. brewpub with a good capacity for patrons, have a very long bar. Nice place to sit outside and sip some good ale. Supporter of Bay Area sporting events such as running & biking. This place really gets crowded weekend nights. Arne Johnson is the main brewer, Brendan Moylan is the brewmaster. One of the brewers is Dave Zimmerman (Grant Johnston left in 1996). I've visited this brewpub about 40 times. First opened for business c.1990 ? 8. - Barley & Hopps (CLOSED 6/98) 201 S. B Street, San Mateo (very close to CalTrain depot) 87 points CLOSED - out of business, June, 1998 Pool room. Good Cigars available. Nice furnishings. Sports photos prevail. The beer (all ales) tastes great. Esp. the Oatmeal Stout. I've visited this brewpub 5 times. Brewer: R.J. Trent. First opened for business April, 1995 9. Boulder Creek brewpub Boulder Creek, CA (on Hwy 9, N. of Santa Cruz & west of Palo Alto in the Santa Cruz mtns, among the Redwood trees) 86 points Best beer: various stouts, porter, brown bear ale, pale ale. A hippy place more or less. Old timey 1890's feel in the back of the pub. Comfortable laidback atmosphere. Good pizza & other veggie food. Small brewing capacity. All grain head brewer is Peter Catizone. Pool table at the back bar. One of the smaller breweries around. I've visited this brewpub 20 times. 9. Burlingame Station 333 California, Burlingame (also very close to CalTrain depot) 86 points (three-way tie for #9) Two cask ales usually available. Large pool room. Fancy decor. I've visited this brewpub 5 times. First opened for business May, 1995. Train photos on walls. 9. Butterfield's, 777 E. Olive, Fresno 86 points best bets: Bridalveil Ale (pale ale) and Tower Porter. Consistently good, full-bodied ales. Very good food at the restaurant. 12. Stoddard's Brewhouse & Eatery 111 S. Murphy Ave, Sunnyvale 85 points (ranking rocketed up on 3/23/96, 5 superb beers by Bob Stoddard) Very good porter, ESB, and Koelsch. Somewhat of a yuppy place that gets very crowded weekend nights. Excellent food from a diverse menu. Some of the best brewpub food I've had anywhere, a full service restaurant. For beer swilling there is seating indoors, outdoors and at upstairs patio. Stoddard's won GOLD at 1998 GABF for their Pale Ale. I've visited this brewpub over 12 times. This brewpub first opened 3/93. 12. Sacramento Brewing Co. 2713 El Paseo Lane Town and Country Village (at Fulton and Marconi) Sacramento, Calif., opened 7/95 85 points (tie for #12) Nice oatmeal stout and ESB. Food looks rather decent. SacBrew Homepage 14. Sudwerks Hubschbrau Davis, CA 84 points. German style lagers only, superb doppelbock Sudwerks wins 1998 GABF Bronze for their Munchener Helles. 14. Seabright Brewing Santa Cruz, CA (where the beer connoisseur surfers hang out) 84 points Best beer: oatmeal stout, & other ales Good food. Usually good live music weekends. Fun outdoor seating (like a resort almost). Feel good place usually. Hashers have been to known to quaff a few here too. Excellent & plenty of outdoor seating facing the RR tracks, very close to the ocean & Seabright Beach (1/2 mile). I've visited this brewpub 10 times. 14. Lost Coast Brewpub, Eureka, CA 84 points All sorts of ales esp. their Downtown Brown ale. Nice, old, interesting standalone building, good food menu. Eureka is a great focal point to explore the many redwood forests in the area, including Redwood National Park. I've visited this brewpub 3 times. 17. (Santa Rosa Brewing) Santa Rosa, CA. 458 B Street (at the Brickyard Center) 83 points. PUB CLOSED on 3/22/98. Chocolate stout and other fine ales. Also have several guest beers on tap. The food is basic pub fare. Headbrewer is Tim O'Day. I've visited this brewpub over 15 times. 17. Humboldt Brewing, Arcata, CA 83 points Home of the Red Nectar ale and hand drawn pub stout. Just 8 miles north of the Lost Coast pub in Eureka. Major sports inside. Expanded and large capacity for brewing. Major Oakland Raiders connections -- a former player, Mario Celatto, owns this brewpub. Humboldt wins 1998 GABF Bronze for their Oat. Stout. 19. (Fremont Brewing Co.) (formerly: Brewpub-On-The-Green) 82 points 3350 Stevenson Blvd, Fremont, Calif. My favorites have been the very good ESB, porter, and stout. Located next to a golf course. Large Sports bar. Play 18 holes then recover with some excellent ales. (Reopened in 1994) I've visited this brewpub 6 times. CLOSED again - JUNE98 - They say it is "temporary" 19. Triple Rock 1920 Shattuck, Berkeley 82 points Good ales, esp. a nice stout. A Martin bros. creation. I've visited this brewpub 8 times. Triple Rock is a brother brewpub of Twenty Tank and of Seattle's Big Time. 20. Pacific Coast Brewing Co. 81 points 906 Washington St., Oakland. Don Gortemiller brews ales using the extract method. This brewpub has good food - much better than average pub grub. They also feature more than ten guest taps. They have a new website (Oct-1998). see my link above. I've visited Pacific Coast more than 6 times.

Honorable mention brewpubs: rankings from #25 to #34

25. Pacific Tap & Grill 812 4th St., San Rafael (similar but better than Stoddard's brewpub) 79 points Restaurant phone: 415-453-4200 brewery: 415-457-9167 Closed on Oct. 2, 1995. Reopened on May 6, 1996 (finally!) with the kitchen remodeled for the wood-fired pizza oven. Wood-fired oven pizza is by Willow Street Pizza. Food was very good. Best beer is their porter, stout, & barleywine. Pacific Tap first opened for business 7/93. (I live in San Rafael) I've visited this brewpub 15 times. I have had their beer 4 different times since they re-opened in 1996. The beer is still OK to average. 26. Black Diamond Brewing Co. 2330 N. Main St., Walnut Creek 78 points Clean, upscale type place. Good, (too) well-sauced foods. First opened for business 1/95 27. Napa Valley brewpub, 1250 Lincoln Ave., Calistoga, 79 points (tie) Average brew, excellent atmosphere, at the northern end of Napa Valley Wine Country. Randy Gremp brews here. Also an inn, so you can stay overnight here if you want. Their beer is inconsistent at best. C'est la vie! However, the barleywine aged in oak is a **** beer. I've visited this brewpub 5 times. 28. ThirstyBear Brewing Co. San Francisco's newest brewpub in 3 years. Opened Sept. 1996. 80 points. (points updated 10/20/98) The 7 beers (all ales) I tried were all very bland and light. Food is superb; Spanish tapas predominate. Two pool tables upstairs. The brew vessels are out in the open. Location: near MOMA and the Moscone Convention Center. At 3rd & Howard. 28. Sutter Brewing Co. Sacramento 76 points All beers are ales here. Lots of fruit beers. 29. San Francisco Brewpub 74 points 155 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, Headbrewer is Allan Paul. About 1200 barrels/year of brewing. Nice interior, turn of the century. History of SF Brewing Good porter, stout, and barleywine. Lagers always available too. Too bad this pub doesn't seat more people or have more food. I've visited this brewpub over 12 times since 1992. 30. Faultline Brewing Co. 74 points Sunnyvale, Calif. 31. River City brewpub Sacramento 73 points All beers are lagers here. 32. Dempsey's Ale House Petaluma, CA 73 points Good ale selection. Especially an Irish Red and a stout. Probably the best food (along w/Stoddard's) of any brewpub in the state. Indian & Thai spices. German food available too usually. Great desserts. I've visited this brewpub 7 times. 33. Mendocino Brewing 73 points Hopland, CA Red Tail ale, stout, other ales. Inconsistent. California's first brewpub, 1983, since Prohibition. A very cool place to visit & relax in Mendocino County. Nice outdoor seating. I've visited this brewpub 6 times. Photo of Hopland Pub 113KB JPG image
Other brewpubs: 34. Tied House Brewery & Cafe, Mountain View, CA 68 points Ales, few lagers, and fruit beer specialties. (Also called Redwood Coast Brewing Co. when they market to outside world) The Tied Houses do not go extreme enough for me, are too tame. Tied House also is in downtown San Jose and Alameda and all are very similar in their beer (as expected). Food is always good, there is always seafood or roasted garlic. Soft pretzels are tasty. A good "training wheels" brewpub. I've visited this brewpub 20 times. 36. Gordon Biersch, Palo Alto, CA (German style lagers, yuppie environment) 67 points Awesome view of Bay Bridge at the SF location, esp. at night. Food is well done. Take your pick of just 2-3 lagers though. (there also is a Gordon Biersch in San Jose, San Francisco, Pasadena, and in Honolulu) I've been to four of these five GBs. The two newest are in Southern Calif. (Pasadena at One Colorado) and in Hawaii. I actually had a very tasty maibock in Pasadena, May 5, 1996. 37. Downtown Joe's 902 Main St., Napa 66 points Nice riverside location. Beers are very unispirational. I guess everyone drinks wine in Napa, the beer is totally secondary. 38. Pleasanton Main Street Brewing Co. On Main St. in Pleasanton. Opened June, 1996. 64 points Beers need a lot of work to be tasty at all. xx. Live Soup, Santa Cruz, CA (CLOSED - 8/10/95, good thing too) 55 points Something has to improve here, some beers appear to be served before they are finished (served too early). Live Soup opened for business 8/93. 37. Los Gatos brewpub, Los Gatos, CA 45 points Beer selection is usually limited to three lagers. This yuppy place is hardly worth going to unless you're hungry (good food menu) or want the atmosphere, they do have a real nice large bar. LGBP opened for business 10/92. 38. Buffalo Bill's - darts & smoky, needs atmospheric improvment, only 42 pts - had a good stout last time I was there. - Hayward, Calif. 39. Bison - too quirky, too odd, usually undrinkable, too smoky inside. 30 pts - Berkeley, Calif. 40. Hogshead - relatively uninspired nameless lagers, smoky pub 25 pts - Sacramento, Calif.
Note: Anchor Brewing Co., at Mariposa & DeHaro, San Francisco, does not have a cash bar. They do have a tasting room open after you go on one of their daily M-F 2pm tours. Call them for advance reservations: 415-863-8350.

Portland, Oregon

For Portland, Oregon beer hunters, how would I rank Portland area brewpubs with those listed above? Here's how:
BridgePort Brewing Co. brewpub 96 points -- Great Firkin Beer! Portland Brewing on Flanders 94 points McMenamin's Cornelius Pass Roadhouse 93 points -- a Perfect locale to drink great beer I visited here in 1993 and love this old converted farmhouse. Wow! McMenamin's Power Station 91 points -- also a Bed & Breakfast, how cool. Widmer (B. Moloch's) 84 points -- also a deli to die for. Full Sail Ale Pilsner Room 75 points -- too yuppie/upscale Don Scheidt's Northwest Brewpubs


South Bend, Indiana: (St. Joseph County) Mishawaka Brewing Co. brewpub in Mishawaka, Ind. They have a very nice irish style dry stout. 85 pts
Indiana Beer Reviews, tiny list.
More Brewpubs I like: (visited Sept. - Nov. 1997)

Broad Ripple Brewing Co., Indianapolis Superb Ales! 90 pts.

Circle V Brewing Co., Indianapolis, 86 pts.

Rock Bottom Brewing Co., downtown Indpls., 84 pts.

Alcatraz Brewing, downtown Indpls., 82 pts.


Bluegrass Brewing Co. brewpub photo Bluegrass Brewing Co., Louisville, KY Awesome IPA! I have a half gallon IPA growler in my hand here. My friend Sheila took the photo (she is in the Lexington City Brewery photo below). Bluegrass has won multiple GABF Gold medals for their barleywine. BBC's homepage.

Lexington Brewing Co. brewpub photo 1997 Lexington City Brewing Co., Lexington, KY (photo at left). The Oktoberfest was really the tastiest when I visited here (Oct-1997).

Bosco brewery beers lineup photo Boscos Brewery, Nashville, Tennessee
excellent beer from Chuck Skypeck -- Highly Recommended!
Visited this brewpub three times on 1/19/98, talked with Chuck a lot. 106KB Image of Boscos bar interior.
Blackstone Brewery, Nashville, Tennessee
 also darn good ales, I visited them 1/20/97 and would
 revisit them next time I am in Nashville. Great food.

Denver, Colorado: Breckinridge -- excellent 90 pts Wynkoop -- excellent 91 pts

Mitch reviews Bighorn Brewing From his 6/27/96 post in newsgroup

Mitch does three more Brewpubs From his July, 1996 post in the newsgroup.

Dallas, Texas brewpubs:

Yegua Creek   (visited 5/95)
Very nice. tasty pale ale, bland porter.  88 pts

Hubcab  (visited 5/95)
Nice. I like. I'd go back here too.  86 pts

New Orleans, Lousiana brewpub:

Crescent City  (visited 5/95)
Just barely OK. Unimaginative lagers.  72 pts

Las Vegas, Nevada brewpub:

Holy Cow!  (visited 9/95)
Had four ales there, all were quite clean, spicy, well made,
and well balanced (and they were not filling).
88 pts

New Zealand brewpubs:
New Zealand beer photo World class beer while riding the InterIslander Ferry from Wellington on New Zealand's North Island to Picton, the harbor and small town on New Zealand's South Island.
Dux De Lux Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant & Brewery, Christchurch.
Super Excellent!  Superb food, best in the country.

Shakespeare, in Auckland.
Just OK.

The Loaded Hog, in Wellington.
Very good.

   Good S.F. Bay Area Beer Bars 
Lyon's Brewery of Dublin, Dublin, CA (east of the Bay).
Non-smoking. Have an excellent local microbrew selection on tap.

The Hopyard in Pleasanton, also non-smoking, excellent selection of
mostly micros on their 32 taps.

San Francisco has a lot, especially:

The Toronado 547 Haight St. (best beer bar in the state 
and maybe the west coast, also has good cigars for sale)
Mad Dog in the Fog (across the street from Toronado),
Pig & Whistle on Geary, 
Rat & Raven at 4054 24th St., 
Various Jack's Taps pubs (Jack's Elixer has 60 tasty taps).
Newest is Jack's at the Cannery I've not been to yet.

All of these pubs have a good selection of beers on tap,
with a wide assortment of west coast micros:

Barclay's Restaurant & Pub, 5940 College Ake., Oakland
Jupiter, on Shattuck across from the BART station, Berkeley
Empire Tap Room, Palo Alto, on Emerson across from G.Biersch
Birk's, Santa Clara, CA  (good micro selection, good food, yuppyish)
The Inn of the Golden Eagle, Milpitas, CA (huge German bier selection)
Brittania Arms, San Jose  (British ales)
Duke Of Edinburgh, Cupertino (British ales)
Hochburg von Germania restaurant in San Jose (wide selection German bier)
The White Cockade, Hwy 9, N. of Boulder Creek, British style pub
Big Basin Bistro in Saratoga (Anderson Valley & Anchor Foghorn)

Retail - Safeway, Lucky, or Petrini's supermarkets.
Stores   Beverages and More in San Rafael, Santa Rosa, & San Jose.
         Beltramo's in Menlo Park has perhaps the largest beer selection
         U R Wines & Spirits in Cupertino is a good bet for real beer.


Mad River Brewing Co. Blue Lake, Calif.

Hoppy Brewing Company (formerly T.ROY Brewing) San Jose, Calif.

Beer Thanks to:

Denise Frank, Kurt Budig, Charlie Gow, Dave Brockington, Jon Binkley, Tim "mumbly", Lynne & Doug, Norm D., Paddy G., Randy G., Dave Z., machman (Dave C.), Alan Marshall, Olsen the Reaper Man, Don Scheidt, Pat Steppic, Steve Papai, Michael "beer hunter" Jackson, Mike McCall, John Lock, John Mellby, Cameron, New Zealand, Billy, Ignasi, Keith C., The Celebrator brewspaper, Ben Troxell, My Impressive Fridge, Tom A., Alison Scot, Keith Gumbinger, Craig Verver, Kirk Nelson, Ash Baker, Boonville, Chico, Michael Stewart, Bev Blackwood, Jim Mann, John Caple, Roger Brown, Nick Bruels, Normand Modine, Rick Hawkins, Eric Speckman, The Gingerman, Marin Brewing, Ken Allen, Eric Taylor, Eric Summers, Lisa Clayton, Casa de Gow, Mark Felder-Allen, Jeff Frane, Pierre Jelenc, Greenbrae Automotive,,,

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