June 27, 1996
Since my company's offices were going to move near this new brewpub in the Denver area, I decided to wait until we were moved in to the new offices prior to visiting this new brewpub. I finally got the pleasure a little while back, and the following is my impressions. Remember, all is IMHO.

CB & Potts (Bighorn Brewing) - Arapahoe Rd. nr. I-25 - Denver (South Suburban)

This is a sports bar that has built a brewery inside. As a sports bar, it has the normal fare of burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, lots of TVs (don't eat these), etc. The food was good (burgers, which were pretty nice and juicy). The beer was OK. None of the 7 brews that I tasted had anything significantly wrong with them. The beer was mostly standard fare. A couple of fruity beers, a wheat, amber, pale, stout, and of course a red. The stout and the wheat (a hefeweizen) particularly stood out in my mind, with the amber right behind them. The fruit beers were lots of fruit (probably to disquise the beer) and the others were rather blah. Not bad, mind you, just nothing to particularly remember. In fact the best beer of the bunch was the hefeweizen (IMHO).

Overall, I would say that this is a good sports bar with pretty good food (and Colorado's Highest Bar, BTW, uggh will the gimmicks ever stop??). The beer, however, is average, cookie cutter stuff, built to capitalize on the craft beer craze and is not particluarly memorable, decent, but there are many that are much, much better in Colorado these days. Stop by if you like, but don't go out of your way for the beer.


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