July, 1996

Well it is time again to do some reviewing.... My beer travels have taken me to a few new places (new to the world and also just new to me) here in CO and it is time to share a bit....

The brewpubs:

Dimmer's - Ft. Collins, CO
Namaqua Brewing - Loveland, CO
Pump House - Longmont, CO

Dimmer's is on the main street out of town on the north side of Ft. Collins, so they are away from the Downtown area a bit. The place inside was rather nice... pool tables, dart boards, etc. The beer?? Well, all of their brews were well crafted and clean, but just Jim's Bitter stood out in my mind. It is more of an ESB than a bitter (IMO) but still a bitter none the less. Very well balanced with hops and malt. I was looking forward to having a beer called "Old Bald Fart" here, but alas, they were out.... I will have to make another trip to have that one.... darn.... Good place, I will be back.

Namaqua is actually a brewery with a tasting room that serves food. They have a full menu and it is remarkably like that of a restaurant that is caddy-corner to them. That is because.... well that is where the food comes from... Sorry sir, there was a problem with your meal, the delivery boy got run over bringing it across the street. We will be sure and replace it as soon as possible..... Anyway, the beers were well crafted and well made a pale ale, red ale, brown and a stout. The pale ale has gone down a bit from when I last tasted it, more of a beer for the masses now. The red is .... well.... a red..... The brown was nice and malty and on the darker side of browns, the stout, a dry stout was a bit above average. All in all a good place with some good quality brews, although none were exceptional.

The Pump House in Longmont is right next door to the Overland Stage Stop brewpub in Longmont. It is themed after a fire house. There is firemen stuff all over the place. Hopefully this place (beer wise) is not what the future of brewpubs are. This place was obviously a cookie cutter brewpub designed to take advantage of the trend. The beers are nothing very exciting and are like the rest of the place, all cookie cutter recipes of the same old beers that you see everywhere else... wheat, raspberry wheat, pale, red........... Take my advice, don't waste your time, go next door to Overland and see what a little bit of experimentation and innovation in brewpubbing will get you.

Again all of the above are IMO and if you have any feed back please e-mail me at either of the addresses below. These will soon be in the latest and greatest of my web page on Colorado Brewpubs (see URL below).

Mitchell S. Mather Clear Communications Denver, CO